Monday, 25 May 2009

Mobistar and the Samsung I900 Omnia

I had some real difficulty trying to set up the Mobistar 3G connection on my Samsung Omnia. The instructions you get when you jump through the hoops at the Mobistar customer zone didn't work at all for me. Which I found strange, because the site managed to set up my old phone automatically by just sending one SMS. Not so in the case of the Omnia though, all configuration has to be done manually. I guess that's progress or something...

Luckily Google came to the rescue once again, and I found this nice PDF-file which clearly explains how to connect my phone to Orange World. Strangely enough, the document is even hosted on the Mobistar website itself, so why they didn't just link to this instead of their text-based customer help site is beyond me. Although, the URL seems to indicate that the file is hosted on the Mobistar Business website. I guess it isn't meant for us mere mortal private customers.

Anyway, I followed the document and everything is working perfectly now.

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